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This is a compound that is primarily used for pharmacological use. 18-Hydroxycorticosterone (CAS 561-65-9) has chemical makeup of C21H30O5, it is also known as… Read More

Saxitoxin (C10H17N7O4) is among the best known neurotoxins and the most potent known sodium channel blocking agent. Saxitoxin has been called the most deadly… Read More

Isotope labeling is a vital tool for clarifying the flow of a particular element through a cell’s metabolic pathway. To create a stable product,… Read More

25-hydroxyvitamin-d3 (CAS 19356-17-3) is a prehormone created by the liver by the cholecalciferol 25-hydroxylase enzyme during hydroxylation of vitamin D3. It is converted in… Read More

Aldosterone (CAS 52-39-1)  is a hydroxycorticosteroid hormone produced by the adrenal cortex. Due to its chemical structure, aldosterone belongs to the polycyclics and pregnenediones… Read More

Stable isotope labeling consists of using non-radioactive isotopes as tracers in biochemical systems.  The most obvious benefit is the non-hazardous nature of the label… Read More