Company Overview

IsoSciences Is An Innovator

IsoSciences is an innovator and manufacturer for stable isotope labeled materials in the industry. IsoSciences fulfills the market need for stable isotope labeled reference compounds, advanced intermediates, final drug substances and metabolites. Our customers’ needs are met by using advanced processes, stringent quality specifications and specially designed laboratories located in Ambler, Pennsylvania.

IsoSciences fulfills the market need for stable label isotopes of advanced intermediates and final drug substances.

Specialists In Stable Isotope & Metabolite Synthesis

IsoSciences was founded in 2002 to fulfill the market needs for stable label isotopes of advanced intermediates and final drug substances. IsoSciences has developed over 1,000 novel catalog offerings to the clinical diagnostics and pharmaceutical markets. In addition, IsoSciences offers custom synthesis solutions for challenging organic chemistry problems. IsoSciences is ISO 9001 certified with extensive quality control and analytical capabilities. IsoSciences specializes in the production of isotopically labeled internal standards for mass spec analysis. Our team works with diagnostic, nutritional, pharmaceutical and government laboratories around the world to produce the highest quality products available. IsoSciences is able to offer stable isotope labeled steroids and vitamins that had never been previously available by utilizing their vast knowledge obtained by years of custom synthesis.

IsoSciences has delivered custom synthesized compounds for customers ranging from Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies to small research universities.  Typically these compounds are stable isotope labeled APIs and metabolites for use in their LC/MS/MS studies. Clients are routinely updated on the status of the project and provided with a complete certificate of analysis including HPLC purity, isotope incorporation and structural identity by 1H and 13C-NMR.

The CertiMass™ line of products is exact concentration solutions providing convenience to the end user.  These solutions are offered as a product line containing our top catalog compounds.  In addition, these solutions can also be prepared as a multi-analyte mix or customized to required concentrations.

In December of 2011, IsoSciences became part of the MPD Holdings group of companies including Monomer-Polymer and Dajac Labs and Silar Labs.