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Tritium Labeling

Tritium is the appropriate isotope when choosing labeled ligands for studies involving receptor binding or other systems that require a protein with properties identical to those of an unlabeled protein.  Substituting tritium for hydrogen atoms creates a product that is virtually identical to the parent molecule, but with a radioactive tracer.  Increased specific activity is achieved by increasing the number of tritium atoms per molecule, or by labeling multiple amino acids within a peptide.

With its high specific activity, relatively short half-life, low energy emissions and relatively low cost, tritium is often considered the ideal label.  Detection is reasonably quantitative when using a liquid scintillation assay coupled with the fact that scintillation cocktails are non-toxic.   Additionally, the tritium decay product is non-radioactive and low amounts can often be disposed of through standard waste removal systems.

In the laboratory, tritium does not require shielding or special storage.  Tritiated compounds are stable and store well under normal lab conditions.  The ease of handling greatly increases the locations where labeled materials can be used including biosafety cabinets and on the open bench.

Tritiated molecules have the same biologic and physical properties as their non-labeled counterparts.  Assays can be undertaken using physiologic concentrations of materials, reproducing conditions most like those encountered in vivo.  Concentrations of labeled proteins are easily titrated using non-labeled proteins without adjustment for activity, potentially increasing sensitivity in certain assays.

Our experienced analytical group is able to use these techniques coupled with orthogonal analytical methodologies and specific activity determinations in order to provide accurate and conclusive evidence to supportive final product delivery.

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