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Tritium Labeling Laboratory

With over 80 years of experience in radioisotope labeling, the IsoSciences fast turnaround tritium labeling facility stands out as one of the most experienced labs in the industry. In particular our experience has been substantially with multiple nuclei; 3H, 14C, 125I, 11C, 18F, 77Br, and 195Au HHH. Incorporation of these radioisotope nuclei has been broadly used in both academic molecules but also in molecules considered proprietary within the pharmaceutical industry. Importantly, our radioisotope team also has the full synthetic support of our world renowned stable isotope synthesis lab, adding many advanced degree chemists with specialties in sugars, heterocyclics, annulations, natural products, APIs and toxin syntheses.

IsoSciences recognizes the importance of correct equipment in order to undertake the broad range of tritium labeling and functional group conversions necessary to generate the final molecules required by our partners. Core equipment available at our Monmouth Junction (NJ) facility includes:

  • RC Tritec Tritium Manifold
  • Agilent 1100 (TQD) HPLC with a Packard Radiomatic 150TR Flow Scintillation Analyzer
  • Packard Tricard 2100 TR Liquid Scintillation Counter
  • Thermo TSQ Quantum Classic LC/MS/MS

Synthetic capabilities are a primary consideration in the IsoSciences’ tritium labeling facility. However we have placed an equal importance on the analysis tools available to our staff. As more labs look to outsource their tritium labeling work there has been a greater emphasis on generating complete support documentation that allows a partner to regularly accept material with additional QC analysis. As such we have developed a comprehensive set of analytical tools to provide tailored data packages. Our analytical tools include:

  • NMR – Varian 300MHz (multi-nuclei)
  • HPLC/GC (including prep HPLC)
  • Mass Spectroscopy
  • Agilent LC-MS
  • Waters Acuity LC-MS
  • GC-MS

Our experienced analytical group is able to use these instruments coupled with orthogonal methodologies and specific activity determinations in order to provide accurate and conclusive evidence to supportive final product delivery.

Our team is ready to discuss your needs and reliably deliver your compound with time and cost efficiency. Please contact the radiolabeling group at 610-337-3762 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  

Tritium Labeling Laboratory